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Swarovski Rose Heart Necklace

Swarovski Rose Heart Necklace

Swarovski Rose Heart Necklace

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Gunmetal Plated Zamak SS39(8mm) Chaton Charm S...


1 £2.52

1088 Swarovski Crystal Chaton SS39 (8mm) Cryst...


2 £1.13 Now: £0.90

Gunmetal Plated Steel Chain 2x3mm Pre Cut 1 Metre


1 £4.37

Gunmetal Plated Zamak SS39(8mm) Round Toggle C...


1 £4.18

Gunmetal Plated Zamak Irregular Small Heart Ch...


1 £1.63

Gunmetal Plated Brass Jump Rings 4.5mm 0.8mm P...


1 £1.97

Fevi Kwik One Drop Instant Adhesive/Glue 3g Tube


1 £3.85

Some of the products required to make this item are either out of stock or no longer available.

Total Cost = £20.32
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Step 1

Glue your chatons into two of the chaton setting charms and one into the setting on the toggle clasp. Make sure they are centred and sit right in the setting. 

Step 2

Cut two 20" lengths of gunmetal chain. 

Step 3

Thread one of the 20" chains through the loop of the bar side of your toggle clasp. 
Slide the toggle bar to the centre of the chain length and secure the two end links together with a jumpring, creating a double chain for one side of the necklace. 

Step 4

Thread the other 20" length of chain through the centre (largest hole) of the ring side of your toggle clasp, not through the smaller loop on the side. 
Fold the chain together and join the ends with a jumpring. 

Step 5

Link the two double chains together by linking their jumprings together. 
Attach another jumpring to one of the two jumprings or both if you want.
Attach one of your rose gold chatons in its setting onto this jumpring. 
This will be the back feature of your necklace.

Step 6

Straighten out the toggle ring side of your chain and attach your other rose gold chaton charm, using a jumpring, to one of the chains approx. 1.5" from the toggle clasp. (See necklace image)

Step 7

Cut approx. 1-1.5" of chain and thread it through the small loop on the ring side of the toggle clasp.
Link the two sides of chain together with a jumpring. 
Attach this jumpring to the loop on your rose gold filgree heart charm. 

Step 8

Link one of your small gunmetal heart charms to the loop of the large filigree heart charm using 3 jumprings linked together to form a chain. 

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