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Pearl Wire Bangle made with Swarovski

Information about this project

Designed by: Kara-May

Difficulty: Beginner


Make this stacking bangle using wire and Swarovski pearls to add a statement look on your wrist. Mix your metals and colours and create bracelets for every outfit. 

Step 1

Keeping the wire on the reel, form a circle shape and keep wrapping round until you have about eight rings of the wire and the diameter is large enough to fit over your knuckles onto your wrist but not too big that it will fall straight off. 

Step 2

Now you have your wrap, you want to cut the wire from the reel and thread on nine of your Swarovski pearls onto the wire ensuring that they are in groups of three and equally spaced apart along the wire wrap. 

Step 3

Take a small cut of the wire and wrap this around three times to secure the wire wraps together and cut to neaten off. 

Step 4

Then take another piece of your wire and wrap three times neatly at the end of where one set of the three pearls are and you need to then wrap around all three of the pearls creating a ring around all three with the wire and keep going until you have wrapped about 13-15 times; tie off at the other end of the pearls by wrapping the end of the wire wrap three times again and repeat this step for all sets of your three pearls until you have a bangle of three sets of three pearls in your chosen colour combo. You can make more of these bracelets and they should slot together.