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Innovations Ring made with Swarovski

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Innovations Ring made with Swarovski

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4480/S Swarovski Twin Hole Imperial Fancy Setting 10mm Gold Plated Pk1
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4480 Swarovski Crystal Imperial Fancy Stone 10mm Crystal Golden Shadow F Pk1
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Innovations Ring made with Swarovski

Designed by: Katie Brennan

Difficulty: Beginner


This is a quick and easy make that will produce a stunning Swarovski Innovation Ring. You can change the Fancy Stone, Setting & Crystals for a different shape and/or colour to match any outfit!

Materials required:
Surgical Steel Seamless Rounds (we used 2mm)
Bicones - 3 & 4mm
Swarovski Crystal Imperial Fancy Stone 10mm
10mm Swarovski Setting
0.6mm Elastic

Please note that the colours for the products illustrated in the image above may not match the 'Products List'. 

Step 1

Cut approximately 20cm of elastic. Pick up 1 x 3mm bead, 1 x 4mm bead, approx 28 x 2mm Spacer Beads, 1 x 3mm bead and 1 x 4mm bead. 

Pass the ends of the elastic through opposing sides of the setting. Try the ring around your finger to ensure a good fit. Adjust the amount of spacer beads added as necessary before tying the knot.
Tie a surgeons knot (see video). Add a drop of glue or clear nail varnish to secure the knot (please use caution and be aware that some glues can be very strong and melt the elastic). The knot will be hidden within the setting, behind the Crystal so do not worry about how it looks.

Repeat all for the second strand.

Place your Swarovski crystal into the setting and close using flat nose pliers. 

Step 2