Swarovski Heart Charm Bracelet

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Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make this Swarovski Heart Charm Bracelet using a Sterling Silver Bracelet Heart Chain and Swarovski Crystal Hearts.

Step 1

This Bracelet is approx 20cm/ 8" long. If you would prefer it to be longer, alter this next step to include more or less heart links on the chain. 

Cut the 7th heart of the Sterling Silver Heart Chain on the loop side of the lobster clasp, and the 9th heart on the other side where the clasp attaches, using jewellery / metal cutting pliers.

Step 2

Starting with a rose gold crystal heart, attach a jumpring through the left hand hole.
Attach another jumpring on the right side while also attaching it to the left side of an upside down silver crystal heart.
Repeat this with another rose gold heart, one more upside down silver heart and a final rose gold heart.
Attach another jumpring to the final right hand hole on the last rose gold crystal heart. 

Step 3

Attach the crystal hearts to the Sterling Silver chain using the free jumprings on each end to connect to the free ends of the Sterling Silver heart chain.