Swarovski Blush Rose Bracelet

Step 1

Glue your rivoli into the toggle clasp setting and leave to dry. 

Step 2

Thread a blush rose love bead onto an eyepin and trim and loop the other side of the eyepin close to the bead. 
Repeat this for 3 more blush rose love beads and 2 silver night love beads. 

Step 3

Do the same for your Swarovski Crystal emerald cut bead in Crystal AB. 

Step 4

Link all of these eyepins together (alternating between blush rose and silver night) using jumprings to create a chain with your Swarovski Crystal emerald cut bead in the centre of the bracelet. (See image) 

Step 5

Finally, attach each end of the toggle clasp to your bracelet using jumprings. 
You may wish to add more love beads on eyepins or more jumprings to lengthen the bracelet.