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Swarovski Black Becharmed Bracelet

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Swarovski Black Becharmed Bracelet

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Fevi Kwik One Drop Instant Adhesive/Glue 1g Tube
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S-Lon Bead Cord 77yrds (70m) Black
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Swarovski Black Becharmed Bracelet

Difficulty: Intermediate


Make a Kumihimo braided chain for your gorgeous  Swarovski Elements Becharmed beads.

To create this project you will also need: Kumihimo braiding board, kumihimo bobbins, cotton, needle, scissors

Step 1

Cut 4 x 2 meters legnths of S-lon cord, fold the cords in half to find the middle creating 8 ends. Placing the middle of the cords in the hole in the centre of the braiding board. Spread the cords, placing them either side of the dots in the notches of the braiding board (each cord in a notch is called a warp).

Step 2

Start braiding the S-Lon cord (if you  do not know how to watch our tutorial video). Keep braiding until it fits around your wrist, (taking into account the clasp with an extension chain).

Step 3

Whilst still on the board add a drop of fevi kwik on the top of the braide and then flip it over to go around the edge. Leave to dry the take off the board and trim it on the glued area (this will be hard, so use wire cutters or sharp scissors)

Please Note: Make sure you cut in the middle of the glued area or the cord will unravel.

Step 4

Squash one of the cord ends on the end of the braide, place on your Becharmed beads and then squash on the other cord end.

Your bracelet is now complete