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Super Duo and Semi Precious Bracelet - Step by Step Jewellery Making Tutorial

Information about this project

Designed by: Lindsay McDonald

Difficulty: Beginner


Talented Friend of Beads Direct Lindsay McDonald has been very busy designing a new project using scrummy Semi Precious Stones and SuperDuo™ beads! We are sure you will all agree that it's gorgeous <3

Which beads will you choose to 'make it your own'? Follow her step by step instructions and Let's Stitch!

Supplies used in this project:

Our tutorials are mostly for inspiration and learning purposes. Why not choose your own beads and colours to achieve something in your own style? Let your imagination run wild and make your dream piece of jewellery!

Step 1

On a metre length of Miyuki thread (leaving a 15cm tail) pick up 1 size 11 seed bead and 2 SuperDuo™

Step 1

Step 2

Repeat this pattern 5 times more. Pass through all beads again to form a ring. It's important not to tie a knot as the finished piece will become puckered if it's pulled too tightly, and we want it to lie flat.

Step 1

Step 3

Following the ring, pass through a seed bead and 2 SuperDuo™ beads. Pass through the outer hole in the SuperDuo™ you have just passed through.

Step 1

Step 4

Now, working the opposite way around the ring add a SuperDuo™ and a small Bronzite bead alternately in the spaces between the SuperDuo™ beads in the previos row.

Step 1

Step 5

Continuing this sequence, keep giving the thread gentle tugs to get this row of beads to sit nicely between the previous row of SuperDuo™ beads. When this sequence is finished, pass through the inner hole of the first SuperDuo™ added in this round and out of the outer hole. Cut the thread leaving a 15cm tail. Repeat this process to make 6 pieces.

Step 1

Step 6

With a long length of thread and using the loop end of a toggle clasp, from the back, put a loop of thread through the small hole of the toggle clasp.

Step 1

Step 7

Flick the loop of thread over the back of the larger ring on the toggle clasp. Then pull the thread tight.

Step 1

Step 8

Thread 5 seed beads on the main thread and 10 seed beads on the tail.

Step 1

Step 9

Pass the needle through the  last 5 beads on the tail thread and snuggle it all up tightly to form a triangle. Pass several times around all sides of the triangle for strength.

With the thread coming out of the top of the triangle, thread a small Bronzite bead, then pass through the outer hole of one of the SuperDuo™ beads on your piece. Then thread 6/7 seed beads (depending on the size of the gap)

Step 1

Step 10

Pass through the outer hole in the next SuperDuo™. Thread 6 seed beads and pass through the following SuperDuo™. Add 1 seed bead, 1 large Bronzite bead and 1 seed bead.

Step 1

Step 11

With another of the pieces repeat the process by passing through a SuperDuo™, 6 seed beads, passing through a SuperDuo™, 6 seed beads and passing through the next SuperDuo™. Thread 1 seed bead, 1 large Bronzite bead and 1 seed bead.

Step 1

Step 12

Continue in the same way until all of the pieces are added. There are lots of tails at the moment but they can be finished later. Thread a small Bronzite bead, 5 seed beads and the other half of the toggle clasp going through the small loop twice.

Step 1

Step 13

Thread 5 seed beads and a small Bronzite bead and thread through the nearest SuperDuo™. (We haven't fininished the base of the seed bead triangle yet but we will come back and complete it later.

Step 1

Step 14

Complete the bottom of the bracelet as we did the top, adding the seed beads and large Bronzite beads as we did earlier. Thread a small Bronzite bead as we did at the start of the row. Pass up through one side of the triangle, through the toggle clasp and down the other side of the triangle.

Step 1

Step 15

At this stage I turn the work over and tie off all the tails making sure not to pull the work too tightly or making it pucker.

Pass again through all of the seed beads,SuperDuo™ beads and large Bronzite beads on the outer row. Exit after the small Bronzite bead. We are now going to strengthen the seed bead triangle left unfinished earlier.

Step 1

Step 16

Pick up 5 seed beads and pass several times around each side of the triangle including the toggle clasp loop. Exit before the other small Bronzite bead.

Step 1

Step 17

Continue passing through the outer row until reaching the original tail. Finish off ad tie thread.

Step 1

Step 18

We hope you enjoyed this project. Please don’t forget to rate it and please do visit our Facebook Page to share your finished piece. We would be delighted to see how you did it Your Way!

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