Learn how to make the Sunshine Droplet Necklace | Beads Direct

Sunshine Droplet Necklace | Festival Jewellery

Step 1

Combine your inches of chain and attach your sterling silver clasp to make the back of the necklace. Leave 2 inches of chain left over. 

Step 2

To one end of the chain attach a jumpring and connect to one of your crystal connector charms. 
Repeat this on the other side of your chain. 
Attach a jumpring to the other loop on the connectors. 

Step 3

Attach 1 inch of chain to either side of your necklace. 
Connect the two chains together using a jumpring.
Attach a second jumpring to the previous one. 
Attach your sterling silver droplet pendant. 

Step 4

Finish your necklace by gluing your crystals into the pendant and the connector charms.