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Summer's Coming Bracelet Cuff

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Summer's Coming Bracelet Cuff

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Brass Craft Wire 0.40mm 20metre Coil
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X-Gold Bangle Base 60x40mm Pk1
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Summer's Coming Bracelet Cuff

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make Claire's Wire wrapped Bangle. Make it by using Semi Precious Chips, beading wire and a wire frame bangle.

 Please note: The chip beads used in the image are no longer available, so they have been replaced by an alternative chip bead.

Step 1

Thread a strand of magnesite chips onto a reel of gold wire.

Step 2

Wrap the end of wire neatly aroundthe bangle base. Now take the wire up an down across the bangle until you havewrapped the majority of the bangle in wire.

Step 3

Continue wrapping around the bangle base. As you wrap, bring a group of 3 beads across the front of the bangle. Position each group of beads where you want it as you go. Fill in any spaces by adding groups of 2 or single beads.

Step 4

When you have added all the beads, snip off thewire approx. 2cm from the bangle. Wrap the end tightly around the bangle base, hiding it amongst the wire wrapping.