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'Summer Vines' Necklace

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'Summer Vines' Necklace

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5328 Swarovski Crystal Bicones Xillion 6mm Emerald Pk24
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X Beadalon Gold Plated Crimp Beads 4mm Pk144
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X Gold Plated Small Heart Lobster Clasp 11mm Pk1
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X Vivid Green Coloured Copper Craft Wire 0.315mm 70metre Reel
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X Gold Plated Seamless Round Beads 2mm Pk100
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'Summer Vines' Necklace


Learn how to make this beautiful 'Summer Vines' Necklace using Swarovski Semi-Precious Beads.

Step 1

Using the wire add strength to the Necklace. Take the two pieces of wire and add 1 Crimp Bead 1 Jump ring and thread the wire through the Jump Ring and the Crimp Bead. Squeeze the Crimp bead and add the Crimp Bead Cover. Add 1 Jump ring to the chain and attach to the Jump Ring on the Wire.

Step 2

This Necklace is 18 and half inches long from Lobster Claw Clasp to Jump Ring. And to get this length there is 31 stations. Each station has 3 elements A Spacer Bead either side of the Gem.

Step 3

First station. next to Crimp Bead Cover add 1 BG 508 then 1 Small Spacer Bead. Count 11 links of chain and place the 11 link onto the wire.Next add 1 Small Spacer Bead, 1 AC 295. and 1 Small Spacer Bead add the 11 link of chain to the wire. Continue this way until there are 11 stations. Now instead of adding the small Spacer Beads add the larger Spacer beads. Continue in the same pattern for 9 stations. But add to more chain links. So instead of every 11 links it is now 13 links.

Step 4

When you have completed 9 stations change to the smaller Spacer Beads and complete the necklace to match the other side.

Step 5

Add 1 Crimp bead, 1 Jump Ring and cover the Crimp Bead with a Crimp Bead Cover.

Step 6

Add 1 Jump Ring to the end of the chain and attach to the Jump Ring nearest to the Crimp Bead Cover. Add 2 more Jump Rings and the Lobster Clasp Add 3 Jump Rings to the other end of the Necklace. And to finish take 1 Head Pin and thread 1 Crimp bead, 1 AC 295 and 1 Crimp Bead. Make a wrapped loop and attach to chain of 10 links and Attach charm to Necklace...