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Summer Sunset Collection

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Summer Sunset Collection

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Stretch Magic Elastic Bead Cord 0.5mm Clear 10m
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Summer Sunset Collection

Difficulty: Beginner


Create a sparkling bracelet stack with matching earrings using the pretty Preciosa glass cathedral mix.

Step 1

Cut a length of elastic long enough to wrap twice around your wrist. 
Thread on your glass beads and your tube beads in your desired order. 
Attach your heart charm to one of your bracelets using a jumpring inbetween the beads. 

Step 2

Tie a double knot or a surgeons knot to finish the bracelet. 
Pull your knot from the tails and main elastic of the bracelet to tighten it from both sides. 
Add a small drop of glue to the knot to secure it further. 
Trim the elastic tails and hide the knot in a bead if possible. 

Step 3

Create your earrings by threading your beads onto a headpin. Trim and loop the pin above the bead. 
Attach a jumpring to the loop and add your earwire.
Make sure your jumpring closed securely. 
Repeat this for your other earring.