Summer Sunset Bracelet | National Beading Week Challenge |

'Summer Sunset' Bracelet | National Beading Week Challenge

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'Summer Sunset' Bracelet | National Beading Week Challenge

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'Summer Sunset' Bracelet | National Beading Week Challenge

Designed by: Joanne

Difficulty: Beginner


Take on our beading challenge for National Beading Week using your exclusive Challenge Pack to be in with a chance of winning a £50 Beads Direct gift voucher! Submit your own design to before midnight Friday 12th August 2016. For more information CLICK HERE. This project is for your inspiration!

Step 1

Measure a length of wire approx 30cm long. Pass one end through a spacer bead, then a crimp bead and through the middle of a jump ring. Bring the wire back through the crimp bead leaving a 1inch tail and squash that crimp bead flat using your pliers.

Step 2

Thread a seed bead onto the wire.

Cut a 1m length of cord and tie it onto the end of the wire next to the spacer bead.

To make the dangly seed bead tassels, thread on 5 seed beads of your choosing and make a stopper bead by adding on a final bead. Go around the outside of the bead and back through the hole of the first 5 to the wire.

Repeat this step until the bracelet is about 1inch shorter than the size of your wrist, varying the beading and making sure you go through the single seed bead you add onto the wire each time.

Step 3

Finish the end of your bracelet as in step 1 and trim the wire tail end, hiding it inside the beads.

Attach an extra jumpring to either end and lobster clasp to finish.