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Summer Raspberry Necklace

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Summer Raspberry Necklace

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5328 Swarovski Crystal Bicones Xillion 4mm Ruby Pk24
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5328 Swarovski Crystal Bicones Xillion 4mm Fuchsia Pk24
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Beadalon Knotter Tool with Instructions Pk1
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Griffin Perlseide 4 Bead Cord HP White 0.60mm with Needle 2m
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Rose Gold Plated Zamak Toggle Clasp Leaf Design 16x22mm Pk1
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Summer Raspberry Necklace

Designed by: Holly Eve

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to use the pearl knotter tool and make a delicate crystal necklace or a multi wrap bracelet.

Follow Sarah's quick video below to learn how to use your knotter tool and follow the step by step instructions to finish your design. 

Step 1

Unravel your thread from your pack and straighten your needle if you need to. 

Pick up 1 x pearl, 1 x bicone, 5 x seed beads, 1 side of your toggle clasp, 1 x bicone. Carefully thread your needle back through the pearl again (this may be tight, but work slowly to wiggle your needle through). Leave a short tail coming out of the pearl and knot your working thread and this tail thread together after the bead. Knot again to secure it further. You can now trim this short tail thread down to 2 or 3mm long. Add a drop of glue to this knot to add a little extra security if you want to.

Step 2

Next, thread on a second pearl and use the pearl knotter tool to knot closely after this pearl (see video above to learn how to use your tool). Add another pearl bead after this and knot again. 

Continue with a bicone, pearl, bicone, pearl... pattern and add groups of 3 pearls along the design to make it more interesting. If you are going to use your design as a necklace, try and make each side of the necklace pattern the same.

Step 3

We chose to add a group of 3 pearls at the end of the necklace. Add the first pearl of the 3 and knot. Add the second and third pearl without a knot between them. Keep your tension quite loose here.

After the last pearl, thread on a bicone, 5 seed beads, the other half of your toggle clasp and 1 x bicone bead. 

Thread back down through the last pearl and pull your thread so that all your beads move together. Wrap your thread around the gap between the last 2 pearls and make a knot here. Knot again in this gap and trim off the excess cord as you did at the other end.