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Summer Ocean Bangle

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Summer Ocean Bangle

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Summer Ocean Bangle

Designed by: Holly Eve

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to use the Little Ricky Beading Loom to make this cute chevron pattern bangle for Summer!

Step 1

This design was made using the Little Ricky Beading Loom, but you can adapt the pattern and instructions to suit any other beading loom. This pattern makes a design that is approx. 17.5cm long which should fit onto your bangle base. You may have a small gap at each end of the bangle as it gradually curves inwards. If you want to make yours the same size insert your Little Ricky Beading Loom bridge into the 5th hole from the top (where the needle magnet is). 

Follow your loom instructions on how to set up your warp threads. Make sure you have 9 threads (8 gaps) ready to start beading.

Step 1

Step 2

Your pattern has 95 rows and 8 columns of beads. Click the button below to download your loom pattern diagram.

- Download your pattern -

Feel free to print this out or follow it on your screen. The pattern is quite long, so we've split it into two sections. Start at the bottom of the pattern and work upwards, then start at the bottom of the second section and work upwards again, making one long pattern. 

Step 3

Thread on your first row of 8 seed beads starting from the bottom of your diagram. Pass your needle under the warp threads, from left to right. This next bit can be tricky, but once your have your first row it becomes much easier! 

Use your finger to lift the beads to sit between each of the warp threads. Pass the needle back through the first row of beads from the right to left as you are raising the beads up through the warp threads. Make sure the needle passes over the warp threads. You have now secured the beads on top and underneath the warp threads. 

If you ever miss a bead, un-pick your thread from the side, remove the row and start the row again. 

Continue adding rows until you reach the top of your loom. 

Step 1

Step 4

The final row can be tricky as it will be a tight fit. You might find it easier to pass through a couple of beads at a time.  Once you have finished beading and have reached the other side of your loom, secure your working thread back into your design, knotting over your warp and weft threads along the way. If you feel you have too large a gap between your last beads and the end of your loom, add another row of beads. Push the beads tightly down the loom work to fill any gaps and make sure that your work is as tight as possible. 

Step 5

Remove your bracelet from the loom. Place the piece on a flat surface and gently run your fingers from the middle, outwards to evenly distribute the beads and spread them slightly to fill the small gaps of thread where the bar was. Weave your two warp threads through the ends of the piece and tie a couple of knots to secure. Make sure you don't push the end rows of beads too far off the end of the loom work. Just push them to the very end. 

Step 1

Step 6

Once you are happy that you have woven your spare threads into your design securely, trim off the excess cords. Check that your loom pattern is long enough and fits along your bangle. Next, cut a length of felt (or a thick fabric that you have spare) and glue this into your bangle base to fill the gap. This is so your loom work can sit flush on top of the bangle and won't dip inwards in the centre. 

Step 1

Step 7

Finally, glue your loom work on top of the felt making sure not to use too much glue that it soaks through to the outside of the beads. Do this in sections so that you can position it correctly as it dries.