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Summer Lolly Pendant

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Summer Lolly Pendant

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Gold Colour Plated Copper Wire 1.25mm 3metre Coil
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Summer Lolly Pendant


Learn how to make a colourful wire wrapped pendant with a bright handcrafted resin style bead.

Step 1

Cut a length of wire measuring approx 12" long. Thread one end up through the bead and make a wrapped loop, leaving a 2" length of wire. Take your round nose pliers and make a small loop on the end of this. Then take your flat nose pliers and gently curl this loop in on itself to make a coil at the base of the wire wrapped loop. 

Step 2

Take the bottom length of wire exiting the bead and wrap it as many times as you want around the bead. Once you are happy with your design, leaving a 3-4" length of wire, create another tiny loop at the end and make another coil out of this wire. 
Position it on the front of your design. 

Step 3

Finally, take a length of your ribbon and thread it through your loop. Cut your ribbon to the desired length. Tie the ribbon in a bow at the back and wear!