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Summer Ceramic Necklace

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Summer Ceramic Necklace

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Summer Ceramic Necklace


What you will need...

3x  Silver Copper Beads 10mm [MB349]
1x Red Ceramic Butterfly Large Bead [BO655]
1x Violet Ceramic Butterfly Large Bead [BO656]
1x Olive Ceramic Butterfly Large Bead [BO657]
2x Sky Blue Ceramic Butterfly Large Bead [BO658]
1x Fuchsia Ceramic Butterfly Large Bead [BO659]
1x Red Ceramic Butterfly Small Bead [BO660]
1x Fuchsia Ceramic Butterfly Small Bead [BO664]
1x Fuchsia Ceramic Coin Bead [BO669]
1x Olive Ceramic Small Heart Bead [BO670]
1x Violet Ceramic Small Heart Bead [BO671]
1x Olive Ceramic Small Heart Bead [BO672]
1x Black Waxed Nylon Cord [TC334]

Step 1. Thread on any one of your ceramic beads

Step 2. Tie a knot and then add a metal bead, then another ceramic bead-we’ve alternated between a large ceramic butterfly and a smaller ceramic bead. You can follow the same pattern as us by using the picture as a guide.

Step 3. Repeat step 2 until you are happy with the length of your necklace. (Make sure the necklace is big enough to fit over your head).


Tie a knot to finish off the necklace