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Sugar Plum Collection

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Sugar Plum Collection

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Beadalon 7 Strand Flexible Beading Wire 'Silver Rose' 0.015in 30ft
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X Rose Gold Coloured Copper Craft Wire 0.50mm 25metre Reel
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Fevi Kwik One Drop Instant Adhesive/Glue 2g Tube
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Sugar Plum Collection

Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this lovely Sugar Plum Collection using our new range of stunning lilac and purple semi-precious beads!

Step 1


Thread a small nugget bead onto a headpin, trim and loop the headpin above the bead. 
Thread a small amethyst coin bead onto an eyepin, trim and loop the pin above this bead.
Thread a diamond shaped bead and a rose gold round bead onto an eyepin, trim and loop the eyepin above the bead.
Attach these three pins together with the headpin at the bottom of the earring, and attach to a earwire.
Repeat for the second earring.

Step 2


Cut a length of elastic and thread on your diamond and green phrase beads in alternating order. You could also swap your green phrase beads for small amethyst coin beads instead.

Knot together your elastic tightly when you have a long enough bracelet to fit your wrist. Secure with a drop of glue when your knot is strong enough. Hide your knot inside your beads and trim your elastic.

Step 3


  • Cut approx. 24" of rose gold flexible wire.
  • Thread a crimp bead to one end of the wire, thread through a jumpring and back through the crimp bead. Leave approx. 1" of tail to hide under your beads. Squash the crimp bead to secure the jumpring onto the end of your wire. Make sure to leave a small loop so the jumpring can move a little.
  • Thread on the small amethyst coin beads until you reach approx. 1.5" from the end of the wire.
  • Repeat the crimp bead/jumpring on the other end of the wire and hide the tail of wire in the beads. 

Step 4

  • To make your necklace pendant, cut a length of copper craft wire measuring approx 15".
  • Thread one diamond shaped bead a third of the way down the wire.
  • Bend the longer length of wire up behind the bead and wrap once around the shorter length of wire at the top of the bead. 
  • Thread another bead onto the longer length of wire (the working wire). 
  • Position this on the left of the first bead.
  • Bring the working wire behind the bead on the same side as you did before (this will be the back of the pendant).
  • Wrap the wire once around the shorter wire pointing upwards above your first bead.
  • Repeat with another bead on the other side of your first bead. 
  • Finally repeat with another bead at the top to fill the gap and make a diamond shape.
  • Thread this bead onto the shorter length of wire. 
  • Use your working wire to secure your beads further, making sure it is tight and the beads don't move too much. 
  • Finally bring your working wire around the back of the top bead.
  • Create a wrapped loop by curving the shorter wire and tucking it inside the top bead and wrapping some of your working wire around the base to create a wrapped loop look. 

Step 5

  • Cut a length of ribbon measuring the same length of your coin strand. 
  • Secure the jumpring at the end of your coin strand to a ribbon end and squash/secure this to one end of your ribbon.
  • Your ribbon end should sit underneath your coin strand.
  • Approx. 2" from the ribbon end, wrap the ribbon around the coin strand and secure it there with a jumpring in a gap between the beads. 
  • Repeat this again approx. every 3". (see image) 
  • Carry on securing the ribbon to the necklace using jumprings until you reach the other side of the necklace.
  • Make sure to add a jumpring right at the centre of the necklace.
  • Secure the ribbon to the jumpring on your coin strand using a ribbon end. 
  • To the centre jumpring on the necklace, attach your wire wrapped diamond pendant.