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Studded Spike Bracelet

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Studded Spike Bracelet

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X-Beadsmith EZ-Rivet Piercing and Setting Tool 1/16" Pk1
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Fevi Kwik One Drop Instant Adhesive/Glue 1g Tube
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Studded Spike Bracelet


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What you will need...

4x Packs of Gunmetal Zamak Plated Screw Spike [MB516]
1x Gunmetal Magnetic Clasp [F782]
1x Blue Flat Snake Skin Eco Nappa Leather [TC653]
1x EZ-Rivevt Piercing Tool [W325]
1x Fevi Kwik [W311]
STEP 1: Use a pen to mark a cross approx. 10cm from the end of the flat eco nappa faux leather. Measure 3cm from the cross and mark another cross. Repeat until you have 8 crosses. These will position your screw rivet studs.
STEP 2: Take the Beadsmith E-Z rivet tool and position the piercing screw over your first cross. Screw down to pierce the faux leather. The hole will be a little small for the rivet, so you can either use another object like a fine screwdriver to enlarge the hole or use the E-Z rivet piercing and flaring kit to make a larger hole (sold separately from the E-Z rivet tool).
STEP 3: Unscrew the rivet pyramid stud and push the screw through the hole. Screw on the stud and tighten with a small screwdriver. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to add all 8 rivets. 
STEP 4: Cut off the faux leather so you have approx. 7cm each end. Separate the 2 halves of the clasp and squeeze some fevi kwik glue into one half of the clasp and glue the faux leather in. You will need to curl the leather around so make sure some of the glue goes around the edge of the hole in the clasp. Repeat to glue the other side. Leave to dry before joining the clasp.