Sterling Layer Necklace

Information about this project

Designed by: Laura Bajor

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make this Sterling Silver Layered Necklace using shining Sterling Silver pendants, beads and chain!

Step 1

For your longest necklace, remove the clasp from your fancy 60cm chain. Leave a ring on each end and connect your stag charm to the two rings. 

Step 2

For the central necklace, thread your wishbone charm to the centre of your chain. Cut a few centimetres off of your chain so that it will hang above your stag charm necklace. Re-attach your lobster clasp.

Step 3

For your shortest necklace, take 4 eyepins. 
Onto 2 of your pins, thread on 3 sparkle beads, trim and loop the eyepins to secure them.
Onto the other 2 eyepins, thread on 1 sparkle bead and trim and loop the eyepins. 

Step 4

Starting with one connector loop, attach a 3 bead eyepin, then a triangle charm, a 1 bead eyepin, then a triangle charm, 1 bead eyepin, triangle charm, and finally finish your necklace with your last 3 bead eyepin connected to your chain. This chain/ necklace is adjustable.