Statement Watermelon Necklace

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Difficulty: Beginner


Follow each of the steps to make this statement Watermelon necklace, using shrink plastic and chunky chain.

Use your over or you may want to purchase a craft heating tool (SP17).

Step 1

Print the picture of the watermelon onto a sheet of your Shrink Plastic. Carefully trim around the design, being wary of the ‘bite’ section. Punch 2 holes into each corner. Shrink the plastic in the oven or using a craft heating tool (SP17).

Step 2

Create 2 x 20cm lengths from the curb chain using flat nose pliers to open and close links. Attach to the watermelon using 2 x gold jumprings on each side.

Step 3

Attach the ‘loop’ side of the toggle clasp directly onto the chain.  Attach the ‘connector’ side of the toggle to the chain using two gold jumprings.

Step 4

Add on the Swarovski crystals to the ‘seeds’ of the shrink plastic using Gem-Tac glue, or similar if you have it in your stash (do not use Fevi-Kwik or another ‘superglue’ style glue. This will damage the crystals).