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Spring Sky Plaited Necklace

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Spring Sky Plaited Necklace

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X Beadalon Silver Plated Crimp Tubes 1.8mm #2 Pk100
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Silver plated necklace ends/calottes/bead tips
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Preciosa Size 9 Rocaille Seed Beads Silver Lined Denim Blue 50g
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Preciosa Size 9 Rocaille Seed Beads Opaque Sky Blue 50g
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Information about project:

Spring Sky Plaited Necklace

Designed by: Katrina

Difficulty: Beginner


New to beading? This design is much easier than you might think! Use three beautiful blue tones of the new size 9 rocaille beads to make a beautiful plait necklace. You might like to purchase the Darice bead spinner below to help save you time!

Step 1

Fill your bead spinner with part of each of the three packs of colours. Thread your curved needle and use the spinner to help you string on enough beads to fill 18 inches of the thread. With the thread still on the spool, thread on a straight beading needle and pass through a calotte and a crimp bead. Go back through the callote and a few inches of beads before tying a knot to secure the thread. Weave the tail through the beads and trim it away. Repeat to add a calotte to the other end but do not squash the crimp beads flat yet as you will be adding another 2 strands.

Step 2

Create another two strands of 18 inches of beads and link them to the same calotte, going through it and the crimp beads and back through the beads as before. Once you have three strands, make two more sets of three in the same way.

Step 3

Link the end of each trio onto a large jumpring, going through one of the calottes from each strand. Then add an 18 inch piece of chain before closing the jumpring. Take the three bunches of three strands and plait them, including the piece of chain with the nearest trio.

Step 4

On one side, use the remaining 2 inches of chain to make an extention for the end of your necklace. finish by adding a lobster clasp to one side and attach a heart charm to the end of the extention chain.