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Spring Princess Tiara

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Spring Princess Tiara

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X Rose Gold Coloured Copper Craft Wire 0.50mm 25metre Reel
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Preciosa Czech Glass Pearl Mix White Assorted Sizes 50g
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Silver Colour Headband/Tiara Base 0.5x15cm Pk1
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Spring Princess Tiara

Difficulty: Intermediate


Create a delicate rose gold tiara using stunning glass pearls and crystals. This design is perfect for a Spring wedding or a party!

Step 1

Thread crystal bicone beads on to the rose gold wire, alternating the pink AB and
champagne AB as you go. Keep going until you have enough beads to reach around the tiara base.

Wrap the end of the wire around the tiara base to secure it. I wrapped approx. 7 times.

Step 2

Bring the first bead down the wire until it sits on top of the tiara base.
Hold it in place and wrap the wire around the base 3-4 times.

Repeat until you have covered the tiara base with a row of beads.
Wrap approx. 7 times to secure the end and snip off the wire.

Step 3

Cut a piece of wire around 1 metre long. Thread on 3 bicone beads, fold over
1 inch of wire and twist together. Wrap your crystal cluster on to the tiara base
at the bottom of the twist, positioning it a few inches from the end of the tiara
base on one side.

Create a couple more crystal clusters, working with the long end of wire.
Twist and wind these around the tiara base as you choose – it’s time to get creative!

Step 4

Add in some pearls and single crystal bicones, creating wire twists in
different lengths to make the beads sit where you choose on the tiara.

Add a rose gold leaf here and there to give an organic feel to the design.
If necessary, continue with a new piece of wire when you run out.

Step 5

Repeat the last couple of techniques, this time working from the opposite direction.
Start at around the mid-point of the top of the tiara. When the beads meet,
add some large pearls and leaves as a centerpiece. Cut off any excess
wire and wrap ends securely into the design.