Spring Morning Seeded Cuff

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Difficulty: Intermediate


Why not try using a seed bead loom to create this cuff bracelet.

Step 1

Set up the loom as described in the instructions included in the loom. Add your size 6 seed beads as explained in the loom instructions. Create 3 rows of green seed beads followed by 1 row of gold seed beads and continue in this pattern until you have produced 13cm (36 rows) of seed beads.

Step 2

Adding a new thread if necessary, work through each row adding 2 size 11 seed beads, 1 size 6 and 2 size 11 at the end of a row and then go back down through the next row. Repeat on the other side of the bracelet and work down the whole bracelet until you have added this edging all the way down.

Step 3

Once you have finished the edging, take the bracelet off the jewel loom and add the ends as described in the loom instruction booklet. Attach the toggle clasp using jump rings.

Step 4

Now taking a new thread if necessary, work through the bracelet. Add Swarovski flowers by bringing the thread up, through a flower and a size 11 seed bead and back through the flower. Stitch on the bee using the loop on its wing and place flowers around the been in your chosen design. Weave any excess thread back in to the bracelet.