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Spring Flora Bangle

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Spring Flora Bangle

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Information about project:

Spring Flora Bangle

Designed by: Joanne

Difficulty: Expert


Follow the step by step instructions to make these vibrant 'Spring Flora' bangle, with seed bead cuff.

Step 1

Begin by gluing one end of the ribbon to the inside of the wooden bangle.

Step 2

Wrap the ribbon around the bangle until the wood is completely covered.

Step 3

Glue the end of the ribbon to the bangle and put to one side, allowing the glue to dry completely.

Step 4

Add a metre of thread to your needle. Pick up 1 x 15R and slide it down to approx six inches from the end of the thread. Pass through the bead again to form a loop around the bead and create a ‘stopper’. Pick up 4 x delica’s and 1 x 15R.

Step 5

Pick up 1 x 15R, turn and pass back through the 4th delica added. 

Step 6

Pick up 1 delica and pass through the 2nd delica added.

Step 7

Pick up 1 delica and pass through the 1st 15R added.

Step 8

Pick up 1 x 15R, turn again and pass up through the last delica added.

Step 9

Pick up 1 delica and pass through the first delica added in the previous row.

Step 10

Pick up 1 delica and pass through the 15R added at the beginning of the previous row.


Step 11

Repeat steps 5 to 10 until the strap measures 27.5 centimetres. Once this length is reached, add a small amount of glue along the entire length of the strap.

Step 12

Attach the strap to the ribbon covered bangle. Smooth out and manipulate the strap until both ends come together. ‘Zip’ the ends together by sewing through in the same manner as  before but without adding any extra beads.

Step 13

Weave up and down at this part of the strap to ensure it does not move apart whilst the glue dries. Allow the glue to completely dry before continuing.

Step 14

Weave through the strap in any direction, knotting in several places and hiding the knots between beads. Trim excess thread. Repeat with the tail left over from the beginning.

Step 15

Thread your needle with another metre of thread. Pass through any delica bead and repeat step 14 without trimming the thread. Weave through until your needle and thread pass out from a delica bead on the outer edge of the strap.

Step 16

The row of 15R’s added during the making of the strap is a prop for the picot edge about to be added and so should not be sewn though for this next step. Pick up 3 x 15R beads and pass down through the next delica along. Pass up through the next delica, pick up 3 x 15R beads and pass down through the next delica.


Step 17

Continue until you come back to the first triangle made. Weave through the strap to the other side and repeat the picot edge process on the other side. Repeat step 14 to finish.

Tip: If you begin to run out of working thread at any point, Follow steps 14 and 15 to add more.