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Spring Fleur Regaliz Bracelet

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Spring Fleur Regaliz Bracelet

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Spring Fleur Regaliz Bracelet


What you will need...

1x Purple Regaliz Leather [TC647]
1x Copper Magnetic Clasp [F877]
2x Copper Slider Charm [F909]
1x Copper Flower Charm [CR254]
1x Copper Daisy Charm [CR259]
1x Copper Butterfly Charm [CR187]
2x Grey Shamballa Charm [MB446]
1x Fevi Kwik [W311]

Step 1, Cut your leather to size, so as to fit your wrist. Once you’re happy with the size, move on to the next step.

Step 2, Thread on all of your charms in any order you like, have a little play again once you’re happy with the size, move on to the next step.

Step 3, Open the clasp and then put a small drop of glue into one end and insert the leather into the clasp. Repeat this step for the other part of the clasp. Allow to dry fully before wearing, then show it off to the world.

Please note: You will need to trim the Regaliz to size. The Regaliz Leather comes in pre-cut lengths of 20cm. Please note when you are applying the glue to the magnetic clasp we advise you that you separate your magnetic clasp first, otherwise the glue may seep through.