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Spring Dragonfly Necklace

Information about project:

Spring Dragonfly Necklace

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Beginner


Design your own delicate necklace for Spring using coin beads and matching seed beads. 

Step 1

Cut two lengths of wire from your findings kit, measuring approx. 50cm (20") each.

Take one of these wires and on one end, pick up a calotte finding, and a crimp bead so that the crimp sits inside the calotte. Thread the wire back down through the calotte, missing the crimp bead. Pull this through so you have a 5cm (2") tail of wire. 

Crush the crimp bead flat and close the calotte around it to hide it. 

Never used a calotte and crimp bead before? Learn how they are used together with our quick video below!

Watch the video

Step 2

Onto this wire, thread on the following beads, making sure to thread them onto the tail wire as well to hide it within the beads.

Pick up an assortment of seed beads and 4mm metal rounds in your chosen pattern. 

Add approx. 6cm of beads and then pick up your grey coin bead. Pick up 4cm of beads again and then add a pink coin bead. 

Step 3

Add 4cm of beads again and then add another grey coin bead. Finally, add 12cm of seed beads and metal beads in your chosen pattern after the grey coin bead. 

After these beads, pick up a calotte and a crimp bead. Thread back down through the calotte and pull the wire through the beadwork so that you hide the excess tail wire. Crush the crimp bead to hold the wire in place. Close the calotte around it. Trim off any excess wire.

This is one side of your necklace. 

Step 4

Take your other wire and on one end add the calotte and crimp bead leaving a short tail thread as you did in step 1. Add the same beads as you did in step 2, and thread through the first grey coin bead on the original thread, to join the two pieces together. Continue the pattern in step 2 and 3 until you have two wires that look the same, connected by the grey coin bead. Finish the wire in the same way.

Step 5

Take a headpin and thread on a dragonfly coin bead. Trim the top of the wire to 1cm and turn a loop. 

Make 3 of these dragonfly charms.

Want to learn how to turn a loop on a pin? Learn how to with our useful video below.

Watch the video 

Step 6

At the end of the wires where you started, loop the end of the calotte and attach a jumpring. Add one of your dragonfly charms you made earlier onto this. Repeat this on both wires to make the centre of your necklace. 

Step 7

Onto the other end of one wire, loop the calotte and link together a few jumprings to make an extension chain. Attach your last dragonfly charm to this last jumpring. 

Step 8

Onto your other end of wire, loop the calotte and attach a lobster clasp using a jumpring.