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Spring Blossom Necklace

Spring Blossom Necklace

Spring Blossom Necklace

Thank you for viewing our archived gallery design. This design is in the gallery archive because we no longer stock some of the main items used to make this design and we don’t currently have suitable alternatives. However we didn’t want to remove the design completely as we thought it might inspire you. If you’d like to buy all the items needed to create a project please visit our main design gallery and browse our current designs.

Step 1

Cut 2 lengths of green beading wire approx 24 ins long. Take 2 ends and pass through a crimp bead, through a wire protector, the clasp, and then back through the crimp bead. Pull snug and crimp, then cover with a crimp cover.

Step 2

Thread approx 18 ins of one shade of green size 8 onto one of the wires. On the other wire, with a different shade of green, thread approx 8-10 beads, then pass the wire through 1 or 2 of the beads on the first wire threaded. Continue in this way, adding random amounts of beads to the second wire and threading back and forth through the first until both wires are equal. Secure the end as in step 1.

Step 3

To make the flowers. Thread 5 yellow centre beads on a comfortable length of thread, secure with a knot (do not pass through beads to secure as you will be making multiple passes in the next stage) Thread 5 size 11 beads in your first colour choice and pass back through the centre bead you are coming out of. Continue into the 2nd centre bead. Pick up 4 more beads and pass through the last bead of the 5 you first added, then through the centre bead you are coming out of. Continue into the 3rd centre bead. You now have 2 petals. Continue picking up 4 beads and passing through the last bead added of the previous petal until you have 4 petals. When you pass through the 5th centre bead, continue on into the 1st petal bead that you added in this round. Add 3 beads and pass back through the last bead added on the previous petal and into the centre bead. The first round of petals is now complete. For the 2nd round of petals, repeat previous steps, but add 7 size 11 beads for the first petal, 6 for the next 3 petals, and 5 for the last. You will be working into the same 5 centre beads. When both rounds of petals are complete, you should be coming out of a centre bead, pick up another yellow bead and pass across the middle of the five centre beads into the bead opposite. Make as many flowers as you require in your chosen colours and sew onto your wire base necklace. Use size 15 seed beads for the 1st round of petals for a more delicate looking flower, increasing the amount you use to 9 beads.

Step 4

To make the picot leaves. Attach a length of thread to one of the flowers near the clasp of your necklace. Pass through some green beads on the base wire, exit and add 7 or 9 (alternate) size 11 green beads. Let them drop down and, skipping the last bead added, pass through the next bead. For a 7 bead leaf, add 4 more beads (6 for a 9 leaf) and pass through the first bead added. Go back into the base wire, pass through some more size 8 green beads, exiting randomly to add picot leaves.

Step 5

To make the leaf fringe. Exit from the middle of your necklace and add 20 to 30 size 11 green beads. Make a picot leaf in size 8 green beads at the end, then pass back up through approx half of your size 11 green beads, exit and add approx 10 size 11 green beads and another size 8 picot on the end. Pass back into the size 11 green beads until you reach the top, go through a couple of size 8 green beads on your base necklace and repeat fringe, varying the amount of beads you use.

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