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Spike Shamballa Fashion Bracelet

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Spike Shamballa Fashion Bracelet

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Spike Shamballa Fashion Bracelet

Designed by: Leah Connolly

Difficulty: Intermediate


This bracelet offers an edgy twist on the shamballa fashion trend.

Step 1

Cut approx. 40cm of the Shamballa cord an tie a knot at one end, add an 8mm hematite bead then tie another knot approx. 10cm below that.

Step 2

Cut approx. 1m more Shamballa cord and start your square knots. Do two complete macramé square knots and thread on a 10mm hematite bead. If you have not tied a square knot before please watch our tutorial video.

Step 3

Do one complete knot, knotting around the bead. Now thread on a spike bead and tie one complete knot. Follow with a shamballa fashion bead and tie one complete knot. Continue in this way until you have added 4 spikes and 3 shamballa fashion beads. Add another 10mm hematite bead.

Step 4

Do two complete knots and then knot or burn with a thread zapper to secure the knotting, making sure you leave the centre cord. Leave a 10cm gap and then tie a knot,  add an 8mm hematite bead to the centre cord and trim any excess cord.

Step 5

Cut approx. 60cm of cord and create a sliding knot over the base cords. Trim any excess cords by either knotting them or using a thread zapper.