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Speckled Pink Luster Bracelet

Step 1

Download our handy project sheet to learn how to make your peyote carrier beads!

Step 2

Take a double arm span of wire. Thread on a calotte and a crimp bead to the centre. Pass end back through the calotte. Pull the wire tightly and then use crimping pliers to squash the crimp bead flat. Use your snipe nose pliers to cover the crimp with the calotte.

Step 3

Onto both wires, thread on pearl, spacer, pearl. Then separate the wires and string on 4 Delica beads on each. Now begin your main pattern of carrier bead, pearl, spacer, pearl, until you have finished on the 5th carrier bead.

Step 4

Finish the ends like before but in reverse -  4 Delica beads then bring the wires together and go through pearl, spacer, pearl. 

Step 5

Pass both wires through a calotte and a crimp bead. Bring them back through the calotte and through the beads on the other side. Make sure there are no gaps in your design, and pull the wire if necessary before you squash the crimp and cover it with the calotte. Feed the wire through some of the beads in your design before trimming away the tail ends.