Sparkly Stud Pendant |

Sparkly Stud Pendant

Information about project:

Sparkly Stud Pendant

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make a beautifully, elegant pendant made using sparkly Swarovski spike beads!

Materials required:
Swarovski Square Spike Two Hole Bead 7.5mm x 8
Swarovski Round Spike One Hole Bead 5.5mm x 8
Soldered closed Jump Ring - A Split Ring would work just as well
Chain with Clasp
Size 11 Toho Seed Round Beads
Beading Thread
Bead Tray

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Design originally posted  05/12/2017

Step 1

Cut an arm span of thread. String on your beads in the following pattern; 1x Twin Hole Square Spike Bead, 2x Seed Beads. Repeat until 8x Twin Hole Square Spike Beads and 16x Seed Beads have been added. Tie a knot to secure the beads in a ring.

Step 2

Pass through the next Twin Hole Square Spike Bead and then step up by going through the second hole of the same Twin Hole Square Spike Bead.

Pick up 1x One Hole Round Spike Bead and pass through the second hole of next Twin Hole Square Spike Bead along.

Continue adding One Hole Round Spike Beads in this manner until you have filled the spaces between all the Twin Hole Square Spike Beads.

Step 3

Ensure your thread is exiting from a Twin Hole Square Spike Bead.

To form a threading loop string 10x Seed Beads and one of your soldered jump rings.

Go back through the Twin Hole Square Spike Bead. reinforce the loop by going back through all the beads as many times as your needle and thread will allow.

Reinforce the rest of the design by passing through the circle as many times as your needle and tread will allow, using half hitch knots to secure the thread and trim.

Step 4

Thread your chain through the soldered ring and your necklace is ready to wear.