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Sparkly Dog Collar

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Sparkly Dog Collar

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2078 Swarovski Crystal Hotfix Red Mix 5g
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Sparkly Dog Collar

Designed by: Kara-May

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to hotfix Swarovski crystals onto your puppy's collar or your own clothing, shoes or accessories. 

Step 1

Pick your size crystal you want to work with and use the corresponding nib for the applicator, screw this on - make sure to do this when the tool isn't turned on as it gets very hot. Turn your applicator on and wait for it to heat up. 

Step 2

Now pick up your chosen size crystal with the tool and place where you want it to go on your chosen item of clothing or accessory, it should stick in place and after it has cooled it will be glued in place. Repeat until you have your desired look. 

Important Notice - This tool gets extremely hot, do take care when using so you do not burn yourself.