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Sparkly Bangle

Information about project:

Sparkly Bangle

Difficulty: Expert


Learn how to make this simply gorgeous Sparkly Bangle which uses SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

Step 1

Thread a mixture of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Beads onto a reel of wire.

Step 2

Wrap the end of wire neatly around the bangle base. Now take the wire up and down across the bangle until you have wrapped the majority of the bangle in wire.

Step 3

As you wrap, bring a bead across the front of the bangle. Position each bead where you want it as you go.

Step 4

 When you are happy that you’ve added all the beads you’d like, snip off the wire approx. 2cm from the bangle. Wrap the end tightly around the bangle base, hiding it amongst the wire wrapping.