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Sparkling Snow Swirl made with Swarovski

Step 1

Firstly take your 1mm thicker wire and create the spiral shape, you want roughly four spirals in total, start off small getting larger towards the centre then reduce the size back to small again towards the bottom. At each end you want to leave roughly an inch of the wire. 

Step 2

Using the 0.5 mm wire and taking one of your Swarovski 8mm Bicones, you want to start wrapping the wire round the top securing one of the Bicones into place and continue this all the way down your spiral, wrapping twice between each Bicone. Once you reach the other end simply tie off the wire and snip. 

Step 3

Take your 0.5 mm wire again and wrap around the end a few times and then hook your Swarovski droplet pendant on the end and tie off again so that the droplet hangs delicately off the end. 

Step 4

Moving to the top of your decoration, create a small hoop with the 1 mm wire. Once this is done using an eye pin attach the top of your decoration to the eye pink round hoop so the straight part of the eye pin is sticking upwards. Thread a silver bead onto the straight point of the eye pin and create a small hoop of your own using pliers. Attach a jump ring to the small handmade hoop and thread some Monofilament Illusion Cord for hanging.