Sparkling Love Necklace | Swarovski Ceralun |

Sparkling Love Necklace | Swarovski Ceralun

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Sparkling Love Necklace | Swarovski Ceralun

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Antique Silver Lobster Clasp 10x18mm Pk2
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Nunn Design Antique Silver Large Long Heart Bezel 29x53mm Pk1
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X-Silver Plated Iron Jumprings 6mm 0.8mm Thick Pk100
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Information about project:

Sparkling Love Necklace | Swarovski Ceralun

Designed by: Katrina

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make your own pretty crystal embellished necklace using the brand new Swarovski Ceralun epoxy clay, your choice of sparkling Swarovski chatons and an elegant heart pendant by Nunn Design.

Step 1

Mix a small part of the Ceralun according to the instructions. 

Step 2

Roll the clay into two sausage shapes and gently press into either side of the heart bezel.

Step 3

Using the flat pad of your finger, gently tap and press the clay evenly until it reaches the edges of the bezel.

Step 4

Continue to smooth the piece, creating a flat & even surface.

Step 5

Decide on what design or pattern you want to achieve, choose your Swarovski crystals and begin to press them into the clay. Make sure the back of the crystal is completely submerged below the clay so that the line edge fits flush to the clay. 

Step 6

Once your pattern is complete, dampen a cotton bud and gently wipe it across the surface of the clay for a soft shine. 

Step 7

After the clay has fully hardened (up to 72 hours) thread the pendant onto a length of chain and attach a clasp to the end.