Soutache Swirl Bracelet |

Soutache Swirl Bracelet

Step 1

Take the three Soutache cords. Choose one colour as the main cord and cut to 1m.
Take the remaining two cords and cut to 75cm. Pay attention to the direction of the fibres which are intertwined in the central section and create a herringbone effect. Place the individual cords together so that the direction of the fibres is always the same.

Step 2

Place the cords together so that the longest of them is longer by 12.5cm on each side. Sew the cords together in the central section so that the knot is hidden in the first meander. Place the individual stitches carefully in the central section and do not overly tighten them so that you do not deform the cord fibres. The stitch will be longer from the external part of the meander and shorter from the internal part.

Step 3

Gather together your pearls (a standard 17.5cm bracelet requires 20 pearls).
Sew 1x pearl into each meander. Then sew the resulting cords together. At each point under the pearls where you sew the cords together, add a seed bead into the small gap. Sew through the next part of the cord meander and add another bead. Then sew all the cords together again adding a seed bead and sewing below this to join the cords. The outer colour of the cords alternates in the individual meanders.

Step 4

After reaching the necessary length of the bracelet, thread the excess cord through a jumpring and cut the excess thread short. Sew this end securely into the nook between the two pearls (see image). Repeat this on the other end and attach a jumpring and a lobster clasp.