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Soutache Kit 'Lavender Love'

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Soutache Kit 'Lavender Love'

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Soutache Kit 'Lavender Love'


Learn how to make this lovely 'Lavender Love' Necklace using Agate Heart Pendants, Amethyst Beads and Soutache Cord.

Step 1

Glue the heart to the beading foundation. Wait until it dries properly.

Step 2

Prepare three pieces of string, 35 cm each. Place the first piece of string in half and put your heart to the side as pictured.

Step 3

Sew string to the beading foundation keeping the shape of a heart.

Step 4

When the two ends of the string will be next to each other, sew them. Then do the same with the other strings.

Step 5

Start forming spirals from other parts of strings. Sew them to keep in shape. Glue the spirals to the heart. Use a piece of felt and Cover the back of the pendant.

Step 6

Prepare three pieces of string, 50 cm each. Place them together in half and staple the middle.

Step 7

Pick up a glass bead. Fold the cords around the bead and sew out the other side, ensuring the cords are snug against the bead. Sew through the cords and bead twice more to re-enforce. Sew 3 shaping stitches to work the cords the rest of the way around the bead.

Step 8

Create a 2 sided join (Pinch the cords together as close to the bead as possible). Your thread should be exiting from one stack of 3 cords. Sew through the other stack of 3 cords. Sew back through all 6 cords twice more.

Step 9

Separate the cords back into 2 stacks of 3. Working on the left hand side stack, sew 3 shaping stitches and pick up a wooden bead. Pull both stacks around the bead and find the centre point of the right hand side stack (the position at which the hole exits the bead) and sew through the right stack. Sew back through both stacks and the bead. Sew 3 shaping stitches followed by a 2 sided join. Repeat step 6-8. You  have to use 8 glass beads and 7 wooden beads. Sew approximately 3 cm rest of string.

Step 10

Sew the components to the back of the pendant.

Step 11

Use a piece of felt and Cover the ends of the strings.

Step 12

Use jumprings to make chains and add a clasp.

Step 13

To finish off, attach the jumpring chains to the strings.