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Solar Sparkle Necklace

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Solar Sparkle Necklace

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X Silver Plated Copper Craft Wire 0.9mm 8metre Reel
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5714 Swarovski Star Bead 8mm Crystal AB Pk6
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X Silver Plated Copper Wire 0.315mm 28gauge 50g/70metre Reel
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Solar Sparkle Necklace

Difficulty: Expert


This fantastic design was created exclusively for Beads Direct by Jayne Rimington. Jayne is an expert wire wrapper, coming up with unique and one off pieces amongst other jewellery in her shop, Fireball Lily. This piece was inspired by the name "Solar Sparkle" and the result is a beautiful glistening necklace, coiled in fiery coppers and shining with delicate crystal.

Please note - for this project you will need knowledge of basic skills such as turned loops, wrapped loops, spiral making, making fish hook clasps, creating jumprings (also knowing how to open & close correctly) and further skills such as able to use a coiling gizmo, creating a wire net in a frame with fine wire. 

You will need the following tools or equivalent: 

- Round nose pliers, Flat nose pliers, Chain nose pliers, Flush wire cutters
- Bail making pliers, mandrel, dowels or jumpring maker
- Ring mandrel or large dowel to make crescent moon
- Wire coiling gizmo
- Steel block
- Chasing hammer

Step 1

Working from a spool of 0.9 silver plated wire use a crank rod of approx. 3mm or
4mm with the coiling gizmo to create a coiled spring measuring approx. 9cm in
length. Trim one of the ends and neaten with pliers, and the excess wire on the
other end can be turned into a decorative spiral by using the round rose pliers and
flat nose pliers. (See spiral component below for method)

Step 2

Cut approx. 60cm of 0.9mm gold coloured wire. Feed the gold wire through the
silver coiled spring and tuck approx. 2cm back in to the other end to create a circle.
You may wish to use a mandrel to help keep the circular shape intact whilst doing
this. To secure the circle wrap the gold wire around the outside of the coil and
tighten either by hand or with pliers, if you use pliers beware not to squeeze too hard
as this may remove the coloured coating from the copper wire. To create the solar
flares the wire is wrapped around the spring frame and then a loop before wrapping
again. This can be done free hand or using a mandrel. A fork handle was used here
and found to be the perfect size and easy to work with. Continue wrapping and
looping around the full circle. Here 9 loops have been created to make the solar
flares. Try to ensure 2 are equally spaced at the bottom of the sun to enable the
moon to hang well when attached. Trim any excess wire and neaten with chain nose
pliers. Using round nose pliers carefully bend the loops into flare shapes.

Step 3

Cut approx. 130cm of 0.3 silver plated wire. Working around the circle make a
couple of wraps and then a loop to form a scalloped inside edge to the frame.
Keeping the wire taught and being careful not to cause any kinks. Once you have
finished the first circle of loops you can then start to add beads.

Step 4

To create the beaded sun the frame is filled with 3 colours of Toho seed beads,
these are 1 row of light topaz, 2 rows of rainbow topaz and a final row of burnt
orange. To attach the beads thread on one at a time and loop the wire through a
loop above and wrap once before moving onto the next loop and adding the next
bead. Continue this process to form a circle and decrease the beads used as the
rows approach the centre. To finish and secure the centre once the frame is full
pass the end of the wire through the burnt orange beads and then trim excess wire
and tuck end back into nearest bead.

Step 5

To add some sparkle to the solar flares cut approx. 10cm of 0.3 gold coloured craft
wire. Keeping the wire taught wrap the wire several times around the side of the
base of the flare. The beads used here are size 11 dark bronze seed beads and
4mm sun crystal. Add a seed bead then the crystal then finally a seed bead then
finish by wrapping the wire several times around the other side of the base of the
flare. Trim excess wire if required and neaten ends with chain nose pliers. Repeat
this process until all bases of solar flares have been filled.

Step 6

To create the moon cut approx. 20cm of 0.9mm silver plated wire. Use round nose
pliers to create a turned loop, then use a mandrel or dowel to form the outside of the

Step 7

Using chain nose or round nose pliers bend the wire back inwards and use the
mandrel or dowel to form the inside of the crescent. Finish the shape by wrapping
the wire under the loop and creating a spiral. If the excess wire is too long to create
a small spiral then trim the wire before making the spiral.

Step 8

Cut approx. 40cm of 0.3 silver plated wire. Working from the top of the moon shape
and keeping the wire taught wrap the end several times around the side of the
frame. Add 4mm moonlight crystal and then wrap the wire the other side of the
frame a few times. Continue this process down the shape of the moon increasing
and decreasing the amount of beads to fill the shape. Secure the end by wrapping
neatly at the bottom of the moon shape, trim excess wire and neaten with chain
nose pliers

Step 9

To create the components for the chain links gather your silver wire, seed beads,
crystal stars, pliers and cutters.
The crystal stars dangles are made by using approx. 5cm of silver wire. Make a
small loop with round nose pliers at one end to form a head pin, add the crystal star
and ensure it is secure, finish by using round nose pliers to make a wrapped loop,
trim excess wire and use chain nose pliers to tuck end in the end of wire.

For the smaller beaded links use the size 11 seed bead at each end and the size 6
Toho beads in the middle. To create the links cut approx. 3-4cm of wire, use round
nose pliers to form a turned loop at one end, add the 3 beads, then use the round
nose pliers to turn a loop at the other end, cut any excess wire and neaten with
either round nose or chain nose pliers.
To create the larger beaded links cut approx. 8cm of wire, form a wrapped loop at
one end using the round nose pliers, add 3 size 6 Toho beads, silver lined crystal
beads at each end and light topaz in the middle. Finish the link by forming a
wrapped loop at the other end, trim excess wire and neaten end with chain nose
The spirals are made but cutting approx. 20cm of wire, using the round nose pliers
to form a small circular loop, then grip this loop with the flat nose pliers and shape
the wire around the loop. When you have formed 3 spirals around the first loop then
you can add the beads. The beads used here are size 6 Toho seed beads, with the
Rainbow topaz at both ends and the Burnt Orange in the middle. To complete this
component form a spiral at the other end using the same method as before. Check
that both spirals are approximately the same size, and carefully tighten both spirals
to secure the beads.
For the clasp, a fish hook shape has been made and a spiral link end. For the spiral
clasp end follow the same method for the spiral link but when forming one of the first
loops ensure that this loop is bigger by using the widest part of the round nose
pliers. To create the fish hook cut approx. 10cm of wire, make a tiny loop at one end
by using the tip of round nose pliers, using either the round nose pliers, bail making
pliers or a dowel then curve the wire back in the opposite direction to make a hook.
Using the round nose pliers finish off the clasp hook by wrapping a loop lower down
than the other end of the wire.

Step 10

Create jump rings to link the components together and make a chain to finish the
necklace off by using either bail making pliers, dowels, or a jumpring maker.
Working from the spool of wire hold the wire taught and twist the tool keeping the
spirals close together. Remove the coils carefully from the chosen tool and cut from
the spool. Cut one ring at a time level with the previous one using flush cutters to
give a neat finish. For this necklace the jumprings needed are:
x 24 10mm jumprings with gold coloured wire (0.9mm)
x 16 8mm jumprings with gold coloured wire (0.9mm)
x 42 8mm jumprings with silver plated wire (0.9mm)

Step 11

Using the 8mm silver plated jumprings add 2 each side to the bottom solar flares.
Using the 10mm gold coloured jumprings attach the spiral links together. These are
weight bearing so 2 jumprings have been used for each joint. Here 3 spiral links
have been used each side of the necklace, but you may wish to make more or less
dependent on the length of chain you require for the necklace to be at your preferred
length. The spiral links have then been attached to the top flares either side of the
top centre one. Gather your remaining link components and jumprings.
For the larger beaded link the 8mm silver plated jumprings have been used to attach
them together and onto the solar flares beneath the spiral links. The smaller beaded
links have also been connected using the 8mm silver plated jumprings. These links
have then been attached in the middle of the other two styles of links. You may wish
to add or remove the links to your required length.
Using 8mm silver plated jumprings you can then add the stars to the bottom flares
either side of the moon.

Step 12

To finish off the necklace 8mm silver plated and gold coloured jumprings are
attached to the spiral links and then alternated in colour until you reach your
required length where you wish to attach the clasp. Here the jumprings have been
doubled to create a stronger chain. At the end of the chain attach 2 10mm gold
coloured jumprings both sides and attach spiral clasp one side and the clasp hook
on the other. Once completed check all jumprings are closed fully.

Step 13


- Work from the spool of wire as much as possible to avoid waste and kinks in the wire.
- When hammering the spiral links gently stroke the wire and work away from the beads, also
avoid hammering where any wire crosses over as this may cause the wire to break