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Snowstorm Bracelet

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Snowstorm Bracelet

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Satin Cord 0.5mm Grey 5m
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Sterling Silver 925 4mm Super Light Shiny Round Beads 10g Pk150
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Snowstorm Bracelet

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Intermediate


Make this lovely sterling silver 'Snowstorm' beaded bracelet with a macrame sliding knot.

Step 1

Cut a piece of the satin cord to approx. 30cm.

Step 2

Tie a 3mm bead to one end of the cord, knot several times. Then tie a knot approx. 6.5cm from the bead.

Step 3

Thread on the beads in this order, 3x 3mm beads, 5x 4mm beads, (2x snowflake, 2x 4mm beads)  repeat 7 times,  5x 4mm beads and finally 3x 3mm beads.

Step 4

 Tie a knot, leave a 6.5mm gap and tie a 3mm bead, knotting it in place in several times.

Step 5

Cross cords and do 12 complete macramé knots with approx. 30cm of the nylon cord. Use a thread zapper to end the macramé cord.