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'Snow Flower'

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'Snow Flower'

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X Silver Plated Copper Wire 1mm 4metre Coil Non Tarnish
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Gunmetal Copper Beading Wire 0.32mm 28gauge 50g/70metres
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'Snow Flower'


Create this beautiful 'Snow Flower' Hair Comb using craft wire and Glass Pearls.

Step 1

Cut a piece of 1mm Silver Wire approx 40 mm long, this will be used to measure the flower petals and keep them even. Using the wire, make a long tail, them make a 5  pointed zigzag, this number can be varied if you would like more petals.

Step 2

Using your fingers, shape the petals. Each of the points of your zigzag make the tip of the petal and leave the two ends pointing downwards.

Step 3

Take the 0.4mm wire and using a zigzag weave, wrap 8 times around one side of the petal. Then switch to the other side and wrap 8 times. The number of times you wrap can be varied to mak ethe petals different.

Step 4

Using this technique, make another flower but using 50mm of wire. Sit the flowers on top of each other. Using the 4mm wire used for weaving the petals, fix the flowers to each other and then to the centre of the hair comb. 

Step 5

Using the 0.32mm Gunmetal wire, cut 4 1m starnds and fold them in half using one of the tails fromt he flowers as a centre. Wrap the for strands around the 1mm wire. Leave looking a little bumpy and uneven.

Step 6

Thread some 6mm Glass pearls onto the 4 strands. Twist the strands to make some off shoots. Give them a gentle twist to make them look more like twigs. You can add as much or as little twig as you like.