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'Slasher' Choker & 'Monster' Necklace

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Difficulty: Intermediate


Learn how to make this 'Slasher' Choker & 'Monster' Necklace using Swarovski bicones, Toho size 8 cherry seed beads and shrink plastic! Perfect for Halloween!

Step 1

'Slasher' choker:

Cut a length of illusion cord 2cm longer than the length needed to wrap comfortably around your neck.
To one end of the cord thread on a calotte and a crimp bead.
Thread back through the calotte missing the crimp bead. Squash the crimp bead and squash the calotte around the crimp bead to secure and hide the bead. 
To the calotte, attach an extension chain.

Create approx 7 droplets using seed beads and bicones threaded onto headpins.
Make them different lengths to look like drops of blood.
Trim and loop the top of the headpin so it can be threaded onto the cord.

Thread 4 red seed beads onto your illusion cord. 
Thread your headpin blood drops onto your illusion cord between seed beads. 
Finish your choker with another calotte, crimp and lobster clasp. 

Step 2

'Monster' necklace

Find an image that you want to be at the centre of your necklace.
Print them onto your shrink plastic 3x bigger than you want it to be.
Cut the shape out.
Hole punch the top of your image so you will have a threading hole to attach your chain to.
Shrink them with an oven or heat gun. 
Flatten and leave to cool. 
Attach a jumpring to the hole at the top and thread onto a necklace chain.