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Simply Precious Necklace

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Simply Precious Necklace

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Simply Precious Necklace

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make this Simple Precious Necklace Rhodium plated brass chain with agate, quartz and howlite semi-precious beads.

Step 1

Cut approx. 5" of wire.

Step 2

Loop one end using round nose pliers.

Step 3

Slightly curve the wire around a large mandrel such as a large cup or mug. 

Step 4

Thread 21 beads onto the wire and finish with a loop the same as the opposite side. 

Step 5

Cut 2 lengths of chain measuring approx. 9.5" of chain and attach each one to either side of your beaded wire.
Attach the lobster clasp to one chain using a jumpring, and attach a jumpring to the other side of the necklace.