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Silver Night Bracelet made with Swarovski

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Silver Night Bracelet made with Swarovski

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Silver Plated Large Toggle Clasp 17x26mm x1 Set
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Silver Plated Jump Rings 4mm 0.8mm Pk50
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Swarovski Vintage Bead Mix - Silver Night 25g
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Silver Night Bracelet made with Swarovski

Designed by: Kara-May

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to create this chain bracelet using NEW Vintage Swarovski Crystal Mixes. 

Step 1

Start by cutting off about 60 cm of your Nymo thread and thread this through your beading needle doubling up your thread, this will give more support when threading, no need for a tail thread. Ensure that each piece of tread is tightly fastened around a jump ring in a neat knot, next attach your jump ring to the toggle clasp, you should be left with the toggle clasp with a jump ring and thread attached to one of the holes. It is now time to start threading beads on, add a few of your Swarovski crystals; mix & match these in size and colour then add another jump ring at the end of your crystals by simply looping round making another small tight knot and cutting your thread. Now add a small piece of chain using pliers to open the chain pieces and the jump ring to secure in place. On the other end of the chain strand you need to attach another jump ring using pliers again. On the jump ring also re attach your thread and needle making a small knot, you can now continue with your Swarovski crystal mixes by adding a few more and repeating the jump ring attachment and adding more chain until you have enough to fit your wrist and can attach the other piece of the clasp. This whole step will need to be repeated for each of the toggle holes until the bracelet is secure and each strand of Swarovski mixes and chains are completed. At the end of each strand ensure you match up the hole of the other toggle piece by repeating how you added the first piece of the toggle.