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Silver Mist Bracelet

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Silver Mist Bracelet

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TOHO ™ / Round 11/0 / Inside-Colour Luster / Crystal / Caribbean Blue / 10g / ~ 1100pcs
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Silver Mist Bracelet

Designed by: Laura

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make the Silver Mist Bracelet using delicate Miyuki Tila beads, matching seed beads and a shimmering button bead clasp. 

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Designed by Laura - June 2016

Step 1

Measure 50" of cord. Thread your button bead to the halfway point on your cord and knot the cords below the button. Leave a little room between the knot and button so it isn't too tightly secured.

Step 2

Cut a length of thread measuring your arms width. You will need this long length of thread to weave in and out along lengths of your wrap bracelet. This length will not complete the whole length of the bracelet.

Step 3

Secure your thread to the knot you just created with the grey cord. Do this by loosening the knot slightly and passing the thread in and around the knot until you are happy it is secure and won't unravel.

Step 4

Wrap your thread a couple of times around one of your grey cords to move your starting point a few mm's into the design.

Step 5

Start your beading by threading through one side of a tila bead. Thread down the bead and around the lower side of grey cord. Pass back up the same side of the bead. Keeping your thread tight, pass over the top cord and down the second hole in the tila bead.  

Step 6

Repeat the process by going under the lower cord and back up the same hole. Keep your thread tight so that it doesn't move on top of the grey cord and is therefore more secure and less visible. You should pass through each hole in the tila beads twice, once each way.

Step 7

After your tila bead, thread 3 seed beads and pass down around the lower cord. Pass back up through the 3 beads.

Step 8

Pass the thread over the cord and add 3 different seed beads. Thread down and pass under the lower cord. Pass up through the 3 seed beads and over the top cord.
When you run out of thread, knot around one of the cords and pass the thread back into the section you just beaded. Knot again and hide your thread within your design.

To start a new thread, pass through a few beads and knot the new thread to a cord. Pass through more beads until you reach the place you finished beading. Hide any tail inside your design like before and continue beading.

Step 9

Repeat this process until your bracelet is the length you would like. Remember to alternate between seed beads and tila beads and change colours when you want.
The finished bracelet should wrap around your wrist 3 times. Before you finish your bracelet, hold your threads tightly and test your bracelet on your wrist. Remember to leave a little room for movement for when you have finished your clasp.

Step 10

Finish your beading on a tila bead. Knot the two thicker grey cords together like you did at the beginning. Wrap your working thread around the ends of the cord next to the last bead a few times. You can hide the working thread and secure it within this knot if you wish or thread it back into your design to hide it within the beads. Remember to knot it around the design a few times along the way and add a drop of glue if you wish.