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Silver Hugs Bracelet

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Silver Hugs Bracelet

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Toho Size 8 Demi Round Seeds Permanent Finished Silver Lined Crystal 5g
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Fireline Thread 6lb Size D 0.006in Crystal Clear 50yards
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Toho Size 8 Demi Round Seeds Gold Lustered Dark Amethyst 5g
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Silver Hugs Bracelet

Difficulty: Intermediate


Create these stunning sterling silver bracelets using shining silver beads and tiny demi-round seed beads.  Designed by Joy Wignall.

Step 1

The bracelet is 7 inch in length, including the clasp, and used 213 silver beads.

Row 1: thread on 8D.
Row 2. Add 1 sterling bead (S), 1 demi round (D) and 1S and missing the last bead on row 1 pass through the next 2D of row 1.  Add 1S and pass back down through the next 2D, add 1S and pass back down through the next 2D again.  Add 1S and pass down through the last D on the first row.

Step 2

Row 3. Add 1S and 1D, pass back through the last S of previous row.  Add 2D and pass through the next S, repeat twice.  Weave through  last D on previous row, through S at top of work, back through first 2D (in a circular motion) towards the centre of work.

Step 3

Row 4. Add 1S pass through next 2D of previous row, repeat twice

Row 5. Add 2D pass back through the next S just added, repeat twice. Add 2D and create a square by going down the 2D added in row 3, go through S and through first D of the 2D added.

Step 4

Row 6. String 1S, pass through the next D of row 5.  Add 1S and 1D, pass back through the first S of this row and the next two D of row 5.  Add 1S and pass back through the next 2D of row 5, repeat twice. Go back to row 3.  Rows 3 to 6 make up the pattern, repeat to the desired length, allowing 4cm for the clasp,  making sure you finish at the top of the work on ROW 3 weaving through the beads this time exit from top demi round. 

Step 5

To add the clasp. Pick up 5D go up through first hole in clasp, back through the demi rounds and through next two d in row, repeat 3 times, going through last demi round at the end. Go through the S then D then go back across through D, through the 5D through the clasp back through 5D, work back up the clasp to the top, round the top and back down the work to strengthen the clasp. Weave the remaining thread back in the work, adding a couple of half hitch knots as you go.
Cut off remaining thread.

At the other end, remove stopper bead and carefully pull the thread back through the
first row till exiting the top demi round, repeat as above.