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Silhouette Mustache Necklace

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Silhouette Mustache Necklace

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X Sterling Silver Fine Curb Chain with Clasp 18inches
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Silhouette Mustache Necklace

Difficulty: Intermediate


Follow the tutorial on how to make this  silhouette mustache shrink plastic necklace.  Click here to download the image to make this necklace below. You can use your oven or you can add the shrinky dink heat tool (SP17)

Step 1

Print out the PDF with the images at the right size here.

Step 2

Draw the silhouette and carefully cut it out and hole punch holes at least 2-3mm in from the top of the mustache arch.

Step 3

Shrink the th image in the oven or with a heat gun .

Step 4

Leave to cool, place jumprings in the two holes.

Step 5

Cut the chain in half and attach each end to the jumpring. Your movember necklace is done.