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Difficulty: Beginner


Create these Gold and Blue Bracelets using your Shine online free gift.

Step 1

To create the full Agate Bead Bracelet - Thread the Beads onto approx 20cm of elastic. Tie the two ends together in a strong knot. You may wish to add a drop of Glue to the knot to secure.

Step 2

To create the alternate Agate and Snowflake Bracelet - Take approx 20cm of elastic. Thread an Agate Bead onto the elastuc, followed by two Silver Snowflake Spacers. Then thread another Agate Bead followed by two Pink Snowflake Spacers. Repeat this pattern untill you have a full bracelet. Tie the elastic together with a strong knot - you may wish to use glue to secure.

Step 3

To create the half Agate, half Snowflake Bracelet - Thread approx 12 Agate Beads onto 20cm of elastic. Then thread Snowflake Spacer Beads onto the elastic untill the Bracelet is finished.  Tie the two ends together using a strong knot and secure with glue if you feel neccesary.