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Shamballa Fashion Tube Bracelet

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Shamballa Fashion Tube Bracelet

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Shamballa Fashion Tube Bracelet

Designed by: Leah Connolly


Learn how to make this gorgeous Shamballa Fashion Tube Bracelet by following the step by step instructions and watching the video tutorial.


Step 1. Your centre cord will need to measure approx. 40cm

Step 2. Place your tube in the centre of the cord and start to square knot. For the average wrist size we would recommend 12 square knots either side of the tube.

Step 3. Finish off the outer cords by trimming them and using a thread zapper or some clear nail varnish-do not cut the centre cord.

Step 4. Bring together your 2 inner cords. These 2 cords will now take the place as 1 centre cord. You will need to add 12 square knots here. If you are unsure about this step please refer to the step 7 of the Shamballa Fashion Instructions.

Step 5. Add a Shamballa Fashion Bead on both inner cords and tie a knot to prevent them from falling off.