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Shamballa Fashion Drop Earrings

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Shamballa Fashion Drop Earrings

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Glue Beadalon G-S Hypo Cement 1/3oz
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X Sterling Silver Flattened Earwires with Coil 1xPair
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Shamballa Fashion Drop Earrings

Difficulty: Beginner


Learn how to make these stunning crystal AB little drop Shamablla Fashion earrings, they will go with anything.

Step 1

Using the precision nozzle of the hypo cement, glue the teardrop Shamballa bead onto the bottom of the smaller AB round. Make sure that the side with the hole in the small Shamballa round is facing directly upwards.

Step 2

Once dry, trim down an eyepin and push into the Shamballa round hole. You may want to apply a small layer of hypo cement to the trimmed eyepin for added security.

Step 3

Connect an ear wire using a 4mm jumpring.