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Shamballa Fashion Cross Necklace Tutorial

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Shamballa Fashion Cross Necklace Tutorial

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Shamballa Fashion Cross Necklace Tutorial

Designed by: Leah Connolly


1. Cut a 60cm length of cord and thread 49 black beads onto the cord.

2. Cut another piece of cord 20cm long, find the bead in the middle of the necklace and create three square knots on one side of the bead, securing the knot with glue or the thread zapper. Repeat this process with another piece of cord on the other side of the centre bead.

3. Take the two ends of cord and cross them over so the ends point in opposite directions. Cut another 30cm piece of cord and at the end of the necklace create 6 square Knots over these two threads, creating your sliding fastening. Add a small end bead to each end of the cord and tie a knot to keep it on.

4. Now cut a 20cm piece of cord. Thread half of the cord through the middle bead of the necklace. Then tie a knot around the bead, thread two more beads on making sure both cords go through the hole.

5. Still working on the threads coming from the centre beads, cut another 20cm of cord and create two square knots, add a Shamballa fashion bead to the centre cords and knot around the bead creating 1 square knot in-between, follow this process until you have added four shamballa fashion beads onto the cord. Finish the knot with either glue or a thread zapper.

6. Now cut two 10cm cords, thread one piece of cord through the loop of thread that goes around the second shamballa fashion bead from the top and out of the other side so it starts to form a cross shape. Do the same but with the second piece of cord, threading it the opposite way through the loop. Place a shamballa fashion bead onto these two cords and take another 20cm of cord to square knot around the bead and securing it with glue or a thread zapper. Repeat this process on the other side to finish the necklace.

For further help please watch our video tutorial on how to make this necklace below: