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Shaded Spruce Angel Bracelet

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Shaded Spruce Angel Bracelet

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5000 Swarovski Crystal Faceted Rounds 4mm Black Diamond Pk12
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5714 Swarovski Star Bead 8mm Crystal AB Pk6
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Sterling Silver 925 Bead Caps Flower Design 7mm Pk10
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Shaded Spruce Angel Bracelet

Designed by: Katrina

Difficulty: Beginner


Make a pretty angel charm to complete your gemstone bracelet, using Pantone's trending colours for Autumn/Winter 2017! It's the perfect accessory or gift for Christmas.

Step 1

Take a headpin and thread on a bead cap, a 8mm bead, the angel wings, a 6mm bead and finish with a Swarovski star bead. Use your pliers to trim the end of the headpin and turn a loop.

Step 2

Cut a 30cm piece of elastic and string on 1 4mm Swarovski bicone bead, bead cap, 8mm bead, bead cap, 4mm Swarovski bicone, 6mm bead, 4mm Swarovski bicone. Repeat this pattern until you have reached your desired length. Finish with a 4mm Swarovski bicone bead and then thread on your angel charm. Tie the two ends of elastic in a double knot and you can optionally secure it with a drop of clear nail varnish or Fevi Kwik glue before trimming away the ends.